New domain, new ISP, moving my blog

I changed ISPs recently, from Cox cable to Verizon. I don't want to dwell on the issue, but let me just say I can think of a homonym for Cox that sums up my opinions of them very well.

With the ISP change comes some email address, website, and blog changes. I've decided to use my .name address for personal mail, and my at verizon for my hacking traffic. My vanity website is now located at annrky+sinzui. My online journal is officially at, and the RSS format is available too at

The hosting service provides a nice Linux/Apache/Python setup that lets me transfer my local pages to the host without the need to pre-render them. It is so nice not having to screen-scrap my localhost, rewrite the files for HTML server, and generate a delta between the new tree and the last push to create a deployment script that ncftp can run.

PS. I have something to say regarding GTK and Web UIs and I hope my next entry is not missed.

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