Beware of the Monkey God

I brought most of up to XHTML compliance last weekend. There is some PHP changes to do, but we may just pull PHP from the site all together. The GST and GNOME-Network projects may want to start making plans to switch from PHP to flat HTML.

Last night I was looking at the strange markup the News Summaries on HTML <hr> elements were appearing instead of XHTML <hr /> elements. Unable to locate the source of the phantom elements I went to bed. I awoke 60 minutes later at 12:30 AM with the Monkey God whispering answers in my ear. Beware the Monkey God's code; it is a zen-like language that is often undecipherable the morning after. This morning I had indeed fixed the <hr> problem by changing the xsltproc HTML option to XML plus a few rule refinements, but created wacky empty anchors in the process. The News Summaries were valid, but would not display correctly in the browser. I couldn't figure what I was doing last night, but I was vaguely aware that the Monkey God made no mention in the technical requirements that the pages would actually work.

Thanks to jamesh who provide a patch to fix the problem. No doubt he can decipher the Monkey God's code.