Moments of Indecision

I'm at the point where I must make a decision about a job. If it weren't for the fact I must work on Windows, I would say yes immediately. I have had a few job offers in the past month and I have turned them down because they offered me the same RUP-dominated J2EE work that I have grown to dislike. This job offers me a chance to work with .Net, and build a team of agile developers. There is even some small hope of putting Mono into a commercial site.

I spent two hours removing a tag-team of IE spyware apps from my wife's computer last night. I truly do not like working on Windows. With the exception of 6 months, I've developed on Linux and Mac for the past decade. But this job is good offer, and an opportunity that will make it easier to make some Mono contributions.

I had 20 interviews in the past five weeks. One company was very interested in developing metadata collection and search tools, but I did not want to take a massive pay cut to make them. Another company offered me a ridiculously large sum of money; a clue that some was very wrong with the project. How sweet it could have been if I could have gotten the task of the first job and the pay of the second.