Interpol Antics I cannot stop playing Interpol's new album Antics. I have donned headphones to separate myself from friends and family. There previous album Turn on the Bright Lights was merely an appetizer. I binged upon The Decline and Fall of British Sea Power, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Placebo's Sleeping with Ghosts, but Interpol's latest is better. I'm glad I put off purchasing Bork's latest--I'll dive into her album after I get the headphones off.

I fixed an annoying crash in Medusa. It is now safe to search without an index in msearch-gui. Nothing will happen, and that is better than a crash.

As a rule, I do not study the history of a nation as told by that nation. They tend to omit their atrocities. US history did not teach me about crimes committed against the native Americans. Australian history didn't tell me about similar crimes against the aboriginals. I understand that France tries to ignore Napoleon (who enacted some good laws). And the British never mention their food. So I choose to learn a nation's history from someone else.