One small step for innocence, one giant leap for stupidity

Today I decided to take a few pictures of the area I work in. Innocent enough, but life abhors innocence like nature abhors a vacuum. This is a map of the area I work, posted by the local government I assume.

[Carlyle business complex in Alexandria]

Both the US Patent and Trademark office and the Alexandria US Federal Court House are across the street from the Time Life building where I work.

[US Federal Court House in Alexandria]

If you are accused of treason or terrorism, you may be tried in this Court House; Both Robert Hanson and Zacarias Moussaoui have been here. The snipers on the roof tops will remind you that something is going on inside. I found a nice picture of the Federal Court House, taken shortly after it was built.

[The United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria]

The US PTO is a huge complex that is under construction, and only a third of it is open right now. You'll have to take my word that this is the entrance to one of the building. The guards will not permit any pictures of the lovely etched glass signs. Don't enter with a camera and ask "may I take a picture of the sign", because the guards will want to confiscate your camera. Saying "No" to the guards will not endear you to them. They are no doubt on high security alert because the European patent debate happening right now.

PS. If anyone spots a job needing Web service/site design and programming skills in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or the UK please let me know. I may need to make a get away.