Five Star Stories distractions

Issues 19 and 20 of Five Star Stories arrived for my weekend reading. Five Star Stories #20 I love this manga series. I struggled to read it in Japanese, with little success. It's a grand story of the last age of humanity, wars, chivalry, and awesome machinery, but I read it for the romance.

My [DOAP Dealer] work was interrupted today by a friend who would like me to review the architecture of his corporate/state/federal grant application service. I told him I would rather spend my time working on free software to free my soul, but he guilted me into a review of the site. Picking a page a random, the ever so critical Tidy found 73 errors and warnings, many are accessibility issues. I understand that these are prototype pages, but honestly, if the tools that made the simple prototype cannot make valid accessible pages, they have little chance of getting the more complex final pages right. I can see by the generator mark that page was made using FrontPage; Why buy a tool if it wont do the job right? So why am I helping him? Because he is in the business of selling governments solutions, and he thinks he can sell my ideas about desktop and user metadata to a government. I hope, but I doubt much will come of it.