Chopping when not hacking

I've been very busy at work these past few weeks and I could not make the time to write any code. The closest thing to hacking I've done is cooking--chop chop.

  1. A dynamite lemon grass chicken and summer rolls
  2. an acceptable chicken korma, spinach paneer, and chholar dal.
  3. A damn fine chili that my wife insisted on ruining by adding extra tomatoes.
  4. Good spicy tuna rolls, mmm wasabi
  5. OK Chicken fajitas. They really need a grill
  6. a Fab red curry chicken.
  7. A zippy Sichuan style chicken.

I cannot get enough spicy food this month. The hectic pace at work looks to be near its end. Soon I'll be putting code to disk instead of food to plates.