I have seen enough of 2004, I liked last year better

This week sucked, rotted, bl owed. What this town needs is a Chinese or Indian restaurant that I could eat my sorrows away in. Monday Time Life, my employer, was purchased. In 60 days I'll know if I have a job. In the mean time I plan to switch to Lillian Vernon's Web architecture since there is clearly better. Tuesday My good friend Chris, and former boss, was laid off. Anyone who knows of a company that needs a great CTO/Director of Operations/VP of E-commerce, please contact me. Wednesday I man-handled the Web catalog data into shape when we discovered that the TV unit entered invalid data minutes before going live. Rolled out the new site in the absence of a sysadmin, only to discover the perms were bad in production. Thursday I came in to discover the US and international sites had bad certs, The international machine was dead, the build and dev database machine was also dead. Friday TL Staff start staking claims on my cube, my daughter stole my wallet.