Velma is still a hottie or wireless will be the demise of brick and tile construction

I've got a wireless home network, a laptop, and a porch, but they are awkward to use together. When I'm on the porch, I have to aim my NIC at my daughter's window because the signal cannot get through the brick on the exterior of the house and the tile in the bath. I should make an antenna that sends the signal to a tree in the backyard, then bounce the signal to the porch (and spa).

I learned that my former boss is considered too technical by a few of his job prospects. He just a tech savvy business man. I wonder if I ruined him when I put RedHat on his laptop, and set up the Python tutorial.

I watched some old Scooby Doo cartoons with my daughter Indy--Velma is still a hottie after all these years.