Making job opportunities

I spent the weekend convincing my former boss that he can deliver a great e-commerce site built on open source software. He's used to million dollar budgets, he buys expensive hardware, server software, and over-priced frameworks. He then pays me to make things work, often at short notice, and integrate with something else. I always nicked stuff from an open source project because I could trust the code, and understood the standards it supported. I set his laptop up with linux a few months ago so he could get the feel of being what open source can do.

Time-Life laid my boss off, and his current job prospect wants a first class site on a budget. I think it would be fun to do the site using only open source, so I'm helping him come up with a real plan as I would build a site. I hope he'll hire me and a few of the other ex-Time-Life e-commerce team to build it. Once, built there wouldn't be much for me to do, so I'll need another job in 12 months.