Two steps back

I've been so very busy at work that I can barely find the time to hack, say happy birthday to my mother, or kick the dog.

I've been struggling to sort out what went wrong with Medusa and the 2.5 environment to break the indexer and the icons in msearch-gui. A total rebuild with jhbuild (again) seems to have addressed the mime-type issues that disabled full text indexing. The lexicon is 25% smaller. Either mime-types are still not right, or 25% of the indexed was bogus. I hope the later. It's nice to see Medusa's indexes to total less than 95 megs of disk usage.

The emblems and icons in msearch-gui still refuse to display. The function 'gtk_icon_theme_list_icons (icon_theme, "Emblems")' and its older gnome_ counterpart return NULL. I've install icon-theme and hicolor-icon-theme from Freedesktop, checked my environment for XDG_DATA_DIRS=/opt/gnome2/share:/usr/share to no avail. I'm stumped. It's definitely and setup problem, other 2.5 apps are missing their icons. The only clue I have for emblems is that only the gnome theme has them--is it not in my icon inheritance? Speaking of which, there are cvs state emblems in gnome, what app knows how to use them?

Meanwhile, I have some my Redland testing to continue. I've got to put my Medusa content into Redland to see if it continues to run well. I'm hacking the existing indexer to feed Redland so I can keep Medusa's and Redland's data synced for comparison. I think Redland will be good, so I'll have some code ready to make quick break to a new metadata store.