Then someone pulled all the pictures

I discovered this morning that my test (GNOME 2.5) Medusa stopped content indexing 5 days ago. I did a complete rebuild of GNOME unstable five days ago. I couldn't image what caused the problem, but seeing all the emblems and icons missing from msearch-gui gives me an idea that mime-types are completely knackered. I thought I was on top of this. Bugger. I'll have to fix it, but this is damned inconvenient.

I should have noticed the problem, but I was poking at Redland. Medusa's DB was design to store a dozen pieces of information, but return only one, a URI. It's proving to be a lot of work to coax a complete set of file data that I can use to test Redland and librdf. I hoped that once this was done I would have a nice method to speed up search display; with all the data returned in the query, msearch-gui would not take the slow path of file lookups to get info. Now I'm just tempted to make the indexer directly feed Redland.