Hacking at Medusa nuisances

Some old errors showed on my system as I put Medusa through some duration testing this past week. Those naughty progress files were being left behind when the indexer failed. Cleaning those up automatically will require some subtle changes to the masterDB since C cannot catch an exception, and there is no graceful exit strategy. I'll create a small clean up function I suppose. This DB implementation has reached it limit, time to start working on Storage.

I located and fixed the error in the plain-text indexer that has irked me for more than an year. The fix will prevent Medusa's MasterDB from stepping into the error that left the progress files behind. I really want to toss the indexer--it will never be capable of handling Unicode. I'll do that at the start of next year. The next indexer will make an effort to keep the DB size to much less than the 95 megs I have for my 20 gigs of personal data.