Contemplating simple search that simply works

While looking into some type punning errors with gcc 3.3, I found an opportunity to do a union between content, file name and keyword searching. I can create a pseudo clause that will perform three searches and merge the results. I see that I can do a clumsy weight by moving matching files from all three returns to the top of the list. Instead of having a simple search that just does a 'file name contains' clause, I could use the pseudo clause to return a better set of results.

Even though I could do this, I'm not sure that I should. The query is crude allowing too many false matches, and there isn't really enough information in Medusa at this time to order the results well. This sort of query really requires a modern DB backend, and a rich schema. Still, this idea might do in a pinch, and provide a better set of results that 'file name contains' query.