Medusa msearch-gui

I've been working intermitantly on a gui search tool that I can reuse to make widgets and dialogs that can be reused by other applications like Nautilus. I've spent more time than necessary exploring ideas. I looked into making GTKExpander work from glade-2 and libglade, but it is too much of a distraction to pursue. I'll use checkboxes for the time being and will update when glade-3 is available.

I lost my private Nautilus-with-Medusa build in my exploration of jhbuild/Fedora/Ximian unstable. I've settled on Ximian unstable for the time being (I love the rug tool). I've mixed in a few Fedora packages to get glade-2 and a few other tools working. I just built dia 9.2 so I can see and edit my diagrams again. I really do a lot of drawing before I ever start putting code to compiler.