Graphs in the brain

It should be known that in the grand schema of all things Storage, I am the toady to s/master/maintainer/ Seth. Sutra, a meta data database, is my concept to solve the limitations the Medusa faces, and address the storage concerns that Marco brought to my attention regarding bookmarks and browser history. I intend to get Medusa working well as a file indexer/search tool for posix file data. I will replace Medusa parts with Sutra parts to provide richer meta data and search services. Seth will likely replace Sutra parts with Storage parts to provide better content management and search features.

The W3 published a slew or RDF drafts today. Lots to read. I've been reading more about strategies for mapping RDF to RDBMS. Reiteration appears to be too complex to solve. I'm not going to pursue it since better minds than mine have failed. Still, I've got a good idea how to make subject, predicate, object graphs work in a DB using the ideas of RDF Schema and OWL.

Interestingly, National Public Radio (NPR in the USA) had an article on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) the brain as people solve problems. The network of cells that knows tools is different from the network of cells that knows animals. Thinking about doing something (motion) often leads to the tool network. There is a high cost to get the name of a tool the first time. Each subsequent attempt to recall takes less energy, with evidence that the network is changing its connections to get the answer quickly.

/me thinks each cell keep state of last connections used.

/me thinks each node changes the sequence of index of connection so that the most recent used link is a the top of the stack. subsequent calls are faster because there are fewer steps in locating matching nodes.

/me thinks helper cell must test if four or more neuron connections always occur in a sequence, a connection is made from start to finish to shorten the path.

/me thinks timers and triggers restructure the graph to optimize paths based on proven sequences of connections. Nodes provide feedback to grade the response.

I recall that the brain storing images of objects as images, a circle in a real world matches the circle of neurons in your mind. The brains neurons chase down the connections that lead to the properties of a circle, and the circle itself. That sounds like Sutra and Storage. AI is the Hold Grail of computer science, and has proven to be a graveyard for many programmers. Note to self, get real, keep job.