Idle complex search directory_name

I'm getting some nonsense about ignoring pragma when I compile the Medusa's idle code on Solaris. It has to do the Solaris 8's X intrinsics.h I took at quick look at replacing the code idle taken from x-screensaver. Teuf recommended looking at xautolock. It looks good, both simple and portable. GNOME really needs to ditch x-screensaver. It needs an idle lib that screen savers, power management, and system locking can can use. I don't want to rewrite the idle code now, but I may need to, to get Medusa running on a Sun

I've been modeling new search GUIs. I want to move the simple and complex search GUI code from Nautilus to Medusa so I ca make underlying changes to Medusa without Nautilus needing to be rebuilt. Bonobo looks to be the right way to encapsulate Medusa's search and status controls [rm -rf msearch -u 'search:[file:///]content includes_all_of bonobo flame ]. I'm not going to try to make the complex search match all of Medusa's capabilities; after an exchange with Seth, I'm convinced only natural language will work, and the ain't gonna happen for GNOME 2.6. Instead, complex search needs to do the kind of queries that Nautilus users need. I think I can subvert the simple search control to accept all Medusa criteria to perform very complex queries. I need a clever analyzer that checks the entry box text for viable clauses, and parse them into a URL instead of assuming that we are doing a file_name contains query.

I was reviewing the Medusa bugs (to avoid doing more GUI work) and decided to make a quick fix for the directory_name clause, which never returns the directory in the result, just the children. I discovered that both of the reported bugs are not in the code, but the documentation. The directory_name clause is supposed to return all files and directories that are beneath the matching directory. A better name for it might be location, parent_directory, or path. So I fixed the erroneous (and sparse) documentation instead. I also noticed that the directory_name clause has the full URL in it so you can test for Documents/art or file:///home. Since the URL's protocol can be queried in regular clauses, there is no need for the document root section of the URL '[file:///,webdav:///home/curtis]'. All the code ignores it, the brackets aren't URL friendly, but the search VFS module requires it. Once I've moved the URL generating controls into Medusa, it'll be safe for me to remove the document root from VFS, and rename the directory_name clause.