Bug #61464 with patch attached closed in as little as 23 months

I just applied a patch sent 23 months ago to fix a compilation error on Solaris. The compiler warning was obvious, the code looked wrong, and the patch looked right. It took a few minutes to check that it wouldn't compile, well I lie. Medusa doesn't compile on Sun for lots of reasons, but setting those aside, the compiler warnings and patch were clear. I wonder if there is way to pull all patches from open bugs and apply them on an integration server. I shouldn't speak so harshly. I've known that the patch would work for a few months, I just never had a Sun to test it on--thanks Time Life! I couldn't have done without borrowing that Sparc left idle from the layoffs.

The evil idle code reared it's ugly head. Sun hates that too. I loath to reconcile Solaris to the ancient and dubious code pulled from x-screensaver. My candidates to replace the idle code are from GnoTime, DrWright, and xautolock. I'm not particular, I just want to know it will work on a lot of platforms, or better still find something that is already running and use it. X-screensaver is on most systems, so I could use the watch switch to attach to it, but I don't think I would be able to get Medusa's indexer to work without system configuration.