The portable GNOME

With glib and GTK at it's foundation, and mission of bring a free desktop to all UNIX, I'm still surprised when I read GNOME code that uses nothing but system libs. I made good progress on getting Medusa to compile on Solaris today. I hunted for some time looking for a portable replacement for setenv. The problem was reported in lots of places, and I even found a patch the George Lebl made for glib, but I could find the replacement for sometime. I looked high and low, well the other way round, they didn't make it into glib, they're in libgnome.

I discovered the error, 'attempt to put segment in horiz list twice', that I introduced when I reconnected Medusa to Nautilus is from libart_lgpl. Well I wasn't anywhere near that. I messed around with the GTK, and some signals to display it. One error is definitely tied to to getting the emblems/keywords working again. I wonder if the error in really not in the pixbuf stuff, but in the chain of events displaying it.