Essential Source Package information

Have you ever tried to register a project for a source package in launchpad? You probably wanted to locate the upstream bug tracker or get the latest code. You were probably thinking that Launchpad has a lot of the information. You could copy some information from the package, then add the repository and bug tracking information. Isn't it hard?

My team have discussed adding a drive-by-project-registration for months, but we still cannot provide the information needed to register a project. The project registration form asks for a description and licenses, but this information is not presented in Launchpad. I know every Ubuntu source package has a description and it cannot be in one the Ubuntu's repos without a copyright file.

This package is listed on the first page of packages that have bugs that need forwarding to an upstream project: /ubuntu/maverick/+source/wsjt

What is it? What are its licenses? I do not know how to answer these questions using launchpad. When I need to register an upstream project in Launchpad, I use It allows me to search for a source package, shows me the description and has a link to the copyright file. The copyright file often has the project home page listed too.

I created a proposal to change Launchpad to provide this information so that it is easy to answer questions about packages and register projects for them: Essential Source Package Information