The collective madness of setting the bug tracker for an upstream project.

This IRC transcript illustrates the pain of setting the upstream bug tracker, and the agony of defeat when you succeed.

<bac> sinzui: Remind me how do you set/determine the bug tracker for a project? shows one but i cannot find it on the project.

<sinzui> 1. Visit the front page of Launchpad Bugs

<bac> check

<sinzui> 2. Follow the link to Bug trackers at the bottom of the page

<sinzui> 3. Locate the (+) Register another bug tracker link at the bottom of the list of despair

<bac> wait, there it is already in the list

<sinzui> 4. Register the bug tracker and remember the name

<sinzui> 5. Return to the project and follow the Change details link.

<sinzui> 6. (Be sitting down for this), Select the new bug tracker from the list of despair

<sinzui> 7. (optional) you may need to set the Remote project field with the ID of this project on its remote bug tracker.

<bac> Right, so if you go to you don't see any mention that we know about the external tracker i knew it was bad but only anecdotally.

<sinzui> Yep. Weep at the madness. Good luck forwarding that bug upstream.

<bac> I don't really have a bug. I just linked the claws-mail source package as an exercise and noted that the bug tracker was purported to be set.

<sinzui> My favorite part is that I have to claim that bugs are tracked in Launchpad so that I can set the bug supervisor, which is also the upstream bug contact role.

<bac> ewww

<sinzui> Launchpad can be a collective madness sometimes