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I'm having a lot of fun in my new job. I have an office too. It over-looks Thomas Circle. Though as the picture shows, it is an ex-circle; New Hampshire Avenue has bisected it (twice).

It is nice to work with smart people again, but I need more. I'm looking for one or two Web/App developers who know .NET, C++, XML, and ASP. We have a lot of code that is written in undocumented C++ that use the creator's own libs. I want to move that code to .NET (C#). Hanely-Wood wants me to build a developer team that will modernize and sanitize the websites. Most the team development issues can be solved with open source tools and habits--the developers don't know how to contribute to each other's projects. I think the tasks requires hackers with Mono experience. I'm going to rewrite the job description for the Web/app developer to reflect my changes to the job requirements. The MS dominance in the job description may in part be an indication of why I was asked to build a new team--its hard to collaborate if your dependant upon Microsoft.

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