Replacing the GNOME software map

I'm making a repository and publisher tool that will replace the aging and crippled GNOME software map. Edd Dumbill is working on DOAP that will allow projects to publish their vital information so that it can be aggregated by sites like GNOME and Freshmeat. By registering a public DOAP file/feed with the relevant sites, the project maintainer will only need to update the feed to send updates to all the sites.

After the initial registration with the GNOME DOAP repository (redland), the tool will check for periodic updates from the project's public DOAP file. When an update is found, the tool will use XSLT to regenerate the GNOME directory of apps, as well as the application summary pages. This will give the Web site a consistent presentation for the GNOME apps that should be easier for users to explore. We could consider adding search capabilities to the Web site in the future.

But what to name the tool? It's difficult to stay politically correct when dealing with DOAP: 'Dealer', 'Stash', 'Junkie' the bad allusions go on and on. I like 'Dealer', no DOAP, because its job is to server the project data to the users.

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by Curtis Hovey