GNOME position code

Too many discussions have gotten out of hand on a couple of the GNOME lists I subscribe too. I think the arguments could be completed in fewer exchanges if each correspondent could send a code that indicated their position on the hot issues in GNOME. For instance we could save time arguing about spacial vs. hierarchical desktops if each person also state their feelings about desktop=home and just-works vs. configurability. We could have a code like geek code + for, - against, 0 for no position.

  1. spacial desktop {+}
  2. desktop is home {+}
  3. configurability {-}
  4. file open dialog {-}
  5. notification applet instead of window list {-}
  6. close last window quits app {-}
  7. desklets {-}
  8. copy window make GNOME usable {-}
  9. users love splash screens {-}