Idle week

I'm recovering from a week long illness. My parents visited for part of the time, and I had to tackle an identity theft incident at work. I didn't do any hacking. I reviewed a few languages; I should do more hacking with python, I can't say I look forward to C++ again.

I built GNOME 2.3 since I wasn't really using my computer. I learned that if you bootstrap with jhbuild, bootstrap everything. I broke my rule of testing (the cough medicine made me do it) as another user--I wont do that again. GNOME 2.3 + Evolution didn't work. I took me a hour to get GNOME 2.2 Epiphany working again. I'm going back to having a test user without fear of messing up my own work environment.

I fear that Time Inc will want to do a cover up of the identity theft's discovered at Time Life Inc. Our investigation indicates a bad party has placed orders for more than 1000 customers. As 99% of the customers have AOL addresses we contacted AOL, who will report to the customers and credit card companies that someone is impersonating the customers and placed orders at Time Inc. started stalling the moment they learned this incident could go public. I added rules to to prevent the party from placing more orders are other customers.