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Added Guile to GNOME language bindings

I added Guile-gtk/Guile-gobject to the GNOME language bindings page. The project decided to develop GNOME2 as a subproject instead of refactoring Guile-gtk. Scheme really hurts my head. Reading it is such a pain. I cannot forgive Gerald Sussman for creating it, though I can forgive Guy Steele since he made contributions to the Java language, and published the Hackers Dictionary (the Jargon File). As for Guile's ambition to be the default scripting language for applications, it shouldn't be. It's might be simple, but it isn't comprehensible to the average programmer, let alone user. needs a new FAQ

I started revising a.g.o's FAQ. It old for starters, referring to GNOME 1.4 designs and bits that aren't relevant. Alex has simplified the language of the site, but it doesn't match the language in GNOME settings, or the code, so the FAQ can be confusing.

Updated language bindings and CSS

I made some minor text changes to the language bindings and cut the ratings. GNOME's libs are too complicated to be reduced to a simple rating for compliancy.

I created some new CSS rules that accomidate the h3 elements better. The way to get Moz-based and IE-based browsers to display alike is to explicitly set the margin-top and margin-bottom of block-level elements. I then set the headings to have variaions in there margins to pull them closer to the content that follows.