Creating a signed release file with

I recently created for some videos I am making about how to use Launchpad. One aspect of creating a release is to upload the source tarball and a detached gpg signature verifying it. This is somewhat ironic, since lp-release-manager-tools exists to automate repetitive tasks that release managers do in Launchpad. I really do not like creating the signature. I cannot remember how to do it. I need to read the instruction on the form to upload the tarball each time. So I added a feature to my example project that any project hat uses python distutils can copy to make the signature with the source tarball.

I subclassed the sdist command and added an extra step to create the detached signature of the tarball. I then register the new command as signed_dist. This is the content of my

import subprocess

from distutils.core import setup
from distutils.command.sdist import sdist

class SignedSDistCommand(sdist):
    """Sign the source archive with a detached signature."""

    description = "Sign the source archive after it is generated."

    def run(self):
        gpg_args = [
            'gpg', '--armor', '--sign', '--detach-sig', self.archive_files[0]]
        gpg = subprocess.Popen(
            gpg_args, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)

    description="Launchpad release manager API scripts.",
    maintainer="Curtis C. Hovey",
        'signed_sdist': SignedSDistCommand,