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I’m having a lot of fun in my new job. I have an office too. It over-looks Thomas Circle. Though as the picture shows, it is an ex-cicle;
New Hampshire Avenue has bi-sected it (twice).

It is nice to work with smart people again, but I need more. I’m looking for one or two Web/App developers who know .NET, C++, XML, and ASP. We have a lot of code that is written in undocumented C++ that use the creator’s own libs. I want to move that code to .NET (C#). Hanely-Wood wants me to build a developer team that will modernize and sanitize the websites. Most the team development issues can be solved with open source tools and habits–the developers don’t know how to contribute to each other’s projects. I think the tasks requires hackers with Mono experience. I’m going to rewrite the job description for the Web/app developer
to reflect my changes to the job requirements. The MS dominance in the job description may in part be an indication of why I was asked to build a new team–its hard to collaborate if your dependant upon Microsoft.